UNIQGIFT e vouchers in Singapore - Sample

Singapore’s Most Flexible E Vouchers

> Accepted at over 450 Retail Outlets

> 100% Digital. Flash the E Voucher on your phone at the cashier

> Spend across multiple retailers in $1 denominations = No Wasted Credits!

> High Security & Privacy with Unique URL, Pin Code Protection, Anonymous Access



Receive SMS, click URL to open e-Voucher on web browser

Receive Your Online Vouchers Through SMS

Enter 4-digit pass code (within SMS)

Enter code to access your Gift vouchers in Singapore

e-Voucher is retrieved

Redeem your e vouchers online or scan it at cashiers in singapore

The versatility of Uniqgift e Vouchers in Singapore

Sales & Marketing

1. Customer Acquisition
Win over more customers with our unique voucher solutions

2. Customer Loyalty
Build relationship with your customers by rewarding them for choosing you.

3. Referral Programs
Make your referral programs more enticing with our voucher products.

3. Promotional Campaign
Make your giveaways and prizes perfect with our vouchers

4. Channel Partner Incentives
Strengthen your partnerships through our voucher incentives

5. Customer Care & Client Recovery
Convey your sincerity with our voucher solutions

HR Solutions

1. Employee Reward & Recognition
Reward and motivate deserving employees with practical voucher gifts

2. Sales Incentives
Incentivise your employees to hit important sales targets with our voucher products

3. Employee Benefits
Attract or retain employees by adding our vouchers to your suite of employee benefits

4. Long-Service Rewards
Appreciate long-serving staff with vouchers they will love

5. Birthdays
Gift a birthday voucher that your employees will appreciate

6. Weddings
Practical and thoughtful vouchers to congratulate your newlywed employees

7. Baby Gifts
Celebrate your employees’ new arrivals with the perfect voucher gift

Try The E voucher Experience

Participating Merchants
Over 450 Retail Stores

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