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For Human Resource Teams

Employees need to feel appreciated and valued for their time and effort – especially when they work hard all year long to hit targets.

High employee turnover rates can hurt an organization financially. In a competitive economy where organizations are functioning more leanly than before, unexpected resignations of top talents will have a detrimental impact on overall productivity and capability to meet customer expectations. Be it for employee reward and recognition campaigns, sales incentives, employee benefits or long service awards, UNIQGIFT E vouchers are perfect for HR teams to improve employee engagement and performance.

For Sales & Marketing Teams

UNIQGIFT E Vouchers are an effective sales tool with flexible configurations that allow for mono-brand or multi-brand vouchers.

With our E Vouchers, you can entice prospects to try out your products or provide their contact details. Furthermore, you can even incentivise your existing customers to drive customer lifetime value (CLTV). These online vouchers can also be easily integrated with your marketing initiatives to generate interest and visibility. Whether it be promotional campaigns or market research surveys, they are easy to use and distribute without the need to register or download any mobile applications.